AgfaPhoto Alkaline Batteries

Available in sizes: AA, AAA, C, D und E

AgfaPhoto Alkaline batteries are exceedingly long-living and mainly used in equiment with high electric power consumption. They correspond to the newest available technology.

  • High endurance
  • Maximum security
  • Maximum liability

Very suitable for remote controlled toys, wireless smarthome components, alarm clocks, electronic toys, handheld devices of any kind.

Lupus Code GTIN Product PU
70101 4250175802572 AgfaPhoto Micro AAA, LR03 4er 12
70102 4250175802589 AgfaPhoto Mignon, AA, LR6 4er 12
70103 4250175802596 AgfaPhoto E-Block, 6LR61 1er 12
70104 4250175802626 AgfaPhoto Baby C, LR14 2er 6
70105 4250175802619 AAgfaPhoto Mono D, LR20 2er 6