AgfaPhoto Single Use Cameras

AgfaPhoto LeBox Camera Flash

The fast party camera with a flash. Smart photo fun in a high class design – you can see the quality of LeBox Flash. The fast party camera with a flash. The built-in flash makes this single use camera a real all-rounder. Just press the button – and put a happy group of people in the picture. The flash has a range of 4 metres and illuminates the scene evenly. And it recharges automatically, so that you are ready for the next snapshot straight away. LeBox Flash, photo fun with a flash: for indoors and outdoors with a flash range of up to 4 metres.

AgfaPhoto LeBox Camera Wedding

The fast wedding camera with flash. Just place the AgfaPhoto LeBox Camera Wedding within easy reach for your guests & look forward to authentic snapshots of your celebration. By simply pressing the button your guests will capture the most beautiful moments of your wedding.  The flash reaches a distance of four metres and illuminates the scene evenly. And because it automatically recharges itself, you are immediately ready for the next snapshot. LeBox Wedding with flash: For indoors or outdoors, with a flash range of up to 4 metres.

AgfaPhoto LeBox Camera Outdoor

The camera for summer, sports and the beach. Are spontaneous snapshots your idea of fun? Then AgfaPhoto LeBox Outdoor is just what you need. This smart single use camera fits in your beach bag, rucksack or the glove compartment of your car and takes good pictures simply everywhere. Ideal for taking pictures outdoors, in sunshine or light cloud. Even children can take fantastic photos with it. LeBox Outdoor, the simple beginner´s camera: for young and old, to fit in any bag or pocket for exposures in sunshine or light cloud.

AgfaPhoto LeBox Camera Black & White

Hobby meets Professional – The disposable camera with professional black and white film inside for stills with high aesthetic appeal. But also fast-paced action scenes or atmospheric moments can be reproduced expressively. Thanks to the flash & the built-in AgfaPhoto APX ISO 400 film, the AgfaPhoto LeBox Black & White is powerful and reliable even with poorer lighting conditions. There are almost no limits to its possible usage.

AgfaPhoto LeBox Camera Ocean

  • ideal for swimming, snorkeling and surfing
  • waterproof to a depth of 3m – sand-proof too!
  • fast 400 ISO film for 27 shots
  • re-used or recycled after use
  • suitable for use in sunshine and light clouds

Lupus Code GTIN Product PU
601010 4250255100178 AgfaPhoto LeBox 400 27 Outdoor 10
601020 4250255100185 AgfaPhoto LeBox 400 27 Flash 10
601100 4250255100772 AgfaPhoto LeBox Ocean 10
601025 4250255103810 AgfaPhoto LeBox Wedding 10
601026 4250255103827 AgfaPhoto LeBox Black & White 10