Guarantee for AgfaPhoto Memory Cards (SD / SDHC / SDXC Cards, MicroSD / MicroSDHC / MicroSDXC Cards, CompactFlash cards) and USB Flash Drives

5 years limited warranty of Lupus Imaging & Media (Lupus) for professional AgfaPhoto memory cards, 3 years for standard memory cards and 2 years for USB flash drives.

Lupus guarantees that for the duration of the warranty as from the date of purchase (the „warranty period“) AgfaPhoto memory cards and USB flash drives shall be free of material and manufacturing damage and that with normal use they shall essentially be in accordance with the published specifications.

The guarantee applies to the direct purchaser, who has bought the product from an authorised dealer or direct from Lupus. The guarantee is not transferable. Proof of purchase is necessary. This product must be used in a device which is compatible with the specifications of the CompactFlash Association (www.compactflash.org) or the SD Card Association (www.sdcard.org). In case of use in an unsuitable device this guarantee is void. Lupus bears no responsibility if a defect or error is caused by components or products of third parties, regardless of whether or not use with these products or components is authorised. The guarantee does not apply to software made available by third parties that is supplied with the product. They are responsible for all maintenance and repair incurred in connection with this software. This guarantee is void if Lupus ascertains that the memory card has been damaged by faulty installation, misuse, unauthorised repair, alterations or accident, or has been use in a way not conforming to the product instructions.

If you have claims under this guarantee please contact Lupus by telephoning +49-2173-20890-0 or sending an e-mail to: info@lupus-im.com. You must receive a confirmation number for tracing the delivery and return the product at your own cost in secure packaging according to Lupus’ instructions. Lupus is free to decide whether to repair the product or to replace it with a new or refurbished product with the same or better capacity and functions. The guarantee for the replacement product applies for the remaining period of the original guarantee.

Lupus makes no guarantee and is not responsible for lost data or images which were stored on a product (including returned products). The cause of the loss is immaterial in this respect. No guarantee is made that Lupus products function without faults at all times. AgfaPhoto memory cards and USB flash drives may not be used in systems for preserving life or in other applications in which failure could lead to injury or death.

The entire liability of Lupus and your entire claims in case of a breach of this guarantee by Lupus are limited to the measures named here. Lupus excludes all further explicit and implicit guarantees within the legally admissible framework. Implicit guarantees of marketability, of suitability for a specific purpose and of conformance to all rights are thereby also among the excluded guarantees. If Lupus is not able to reject all implicit guarantees within the framework of applicable law, such guarantees are valid according to the applicable law for no longer than the duration of the explicit guarantee. Lupus or its associated companies or subsidiaries are under no circumstances responsible for direct, chance or special damages or consequent damages, for financial losses or for the loss of data of any description. This limitation also applies if Lupus was informed of the possibility of such damages. You have certain rights under this guarantee. According to applicable legislation you may also have other rights. In the law of some geographical areas it is not permitted to restrict the duration of implicit guarantees or to exclude or restrict chance damages and consequential damages. The above reference to a limitation or exclusion may therefore not apply to you. Under no circumstances does the liability of Lupus exceed the amount that you paid for the product.